Property lock-ups

Lock-ups are secure marquees where you can store belongings. They have fencing running around the inside, are lit at night and are managed by at least 3 members of staff at all times.


How do they work?
They operate on a similar basis to a cloakroom – you hand over your item(s), give staff a few details and get a ticket in exchange. When you bring back the ticket, you get your item(s) back.

Documents such as passports, travel tickets, ID and cash are placed in envelopes, sealed in the owners’ presence and stored in their own area – they don’t get opened until the owner claims them back.

The service is free of charge, provided by Glastonbury Festival for the benefit of its festival-goers.


What can be left there?
Pretty much anything that you’ve brought with you; bags, rucksacks, cameras, phones, instruments…

How safe are they?
While we don’t recommend bringing expensive belongings, it’s the safest place to store anything of value to you. No-one apart from staff members are allowed inside the lock-ups; festival-goers are not allowed to come in for any reason. They are staffed 24 hours a day, are well-lit at night and have direct communications with on-site security/police.

When are they open?
The lock-ups are open 24 hours a day from 8am on the Wednesday as the festival opens, and remain open until noon on the Monday. Anything unclaimed after noon on Monday is transferred to Lost Property at Festival Welfare, who will hold it until it is claimed. Getting items back after the lock-ups close can take a long time, so we recommend you do your best to get up nice and early on the Monday morning to make sure you get your stuff back!


Can I trust the staff?
Yes! All the lock-up staff are volunteers who do the job for three reasons: as a way to see some of the festival, the enjoyment of the job (honestly!) and to raise funds for their groups:

  • CND Cymru
  • Greater Manchester & District CND
  • Isle of Wight CND
  • Yorkshire CND
  • Youth & Student CND
  • Birmingham Friends Of The Earth
  • Brighton Peace Centre

These groups have been operating this service since the early 1990s, successfully handling over a quarter of a million items! We have yet to have any complaints of theft, loss or damage to any items that have been stored at the lock-ups.

Watch Glastonbury Festival’s information film about property lock-ups.


If you need to speak to us, we provide regular visible patrols around the festival. Alternatively, we are based at the multi-agency compound on site.

  • If the crime is in progress or there is a threat of immediate danger call 999
  • To report non emergencies call 101 or report online