The theft of mobile phones is a big problem – and it can ruin your experience at Glastonbury.

If you can’t live for five days without your smartphone, tablet or laptop – make sure you protect it. Download an anti-theft app before you set off; most are free, quick to install and will give us the best chance of finding your phone and returning it to you. To find and install an app go to your app store and search ‘anti-theft’.

If you fancy a challenge, why not leave your shiny smartphone at home and bring an old phone with you instead.

Before you leave, make sure someone back home has details of the make and model of your phone, its IMEI number and any password. Also note down the account username and password of your tracking app.

Personal Safety 7

When you get to Glastonbury please remember to be discreet with your phone; keep it out of sight and in a front pocket or leave it at the free property lock-ups. Keep it safe, keep it hidden.

Read our top tips on keeping your gadgets safe:

  • Register your property (phone, mp3 player, camera, etc) on the Immobilise database. It takes only a few minutes and it’s free!
  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you when you whip out your wallet to pay for your pint. Don’t take more money than you need – there is a cashpoint at the site so don’t take hundreds of pounds with you.
  • Use a UV pen to write your postcode and house number on your stuff – it’s invisible to the human eye but if your gadget comes into a police station we will be able to return it to you.

Please remember it is against the law to report a lost phone as stolen in order to get a crime reference number and claim on your insurance to get a new phone. It’s not worth risking a criminal record just to save yourself a few quid.


If you need to speak to us, we provide regular visible patrols around the festival. Alternatively, we are based at the multi-agency compound on site.

  • If the crime is in progress or there is a threat of immediate danger call 999
  • To report non emergencies call 101 or report online