Safety Advice

Personal safety
The vast majority of the 135,000 festival-goers will spend their time at Glastonbury with nothing more to worry about than which band to watch next. However, during past festivals there have been a small number of crimes committed against people, including robbery and assault.

Personal Safety 1

Please remember that although the vast majority of people at the festival are there to have a good time, there are some who see it as an opportunity to commit crime.

Police will be at the festival, both in uniform and undercover, on horseback, cycles, with dogs and on foot, to deter any potential criminals, but there are many simple things which you can do to keep yourself safe and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • While walking around the festival try and stay with friends, especially at night – there is safety in numbers
  • All the paths between stages and to the camping fields are well-lit, so stick to these
  • Don’t flash your cash or stuff about – an opportunist thief may be watching
  • We want you to have a good time, but remember that alcohol hampers your judgment – one drink too many can lead to many problems, not least forgetting where your tent is! You could become a victim of assault, robbery and even rape. Please be aware of how much you are drinking, stay with friends and don’t go off with strangers.

Glastonbury Festival organisers have been increasing the security of tickets over the years to ensure that touts have no place at the festival. They are confident the system is foolproof, however please still keep your ticket safe and don’t leave yourself vulnerable to someone who might want to test their chances at breaking the system.

Personal Safety 3

Remember, if you lose your ticket – you aren’t getting in.

All tickets will be personalised with a full colour facial image submitted during the ticket registration process and checks will be made at the gates. Every ticket holder will be required to present their personalised ticket. If you are not the person whose face is printed on the ticket you will be denied entry.

Once you get to Glastonbury one of the main things to keep safe and secure is your tent.

Tents are, by their very nature, not the most secure kinds of property. There are some people who will have a look inside to check what’s there so read our tips on making your tent as secure as possible:

Personal Safety 2

  • Make sure your tent and as much of your property inside is marked with your postcode. This way it can be returned to you if stolen and recovered by the Police
  • Take any valuables with you when you leave your tent: keep them with you or store them in the security lock-ups
  • To make life harder for thieves, leave your tent untidy so there’s not an obvious bag to grab quickly
  • Be inventive about where you hide your valuables when sleeping: you may not hear someone enter your tent, so separate your money and valuables into small amounts and hide them in different places in your tent
  • Don’t challenge people looking through tents – report them to Festival staff or the Police. Campsite stewards are there for reporting suspicious behaviour, and offenders WILL be expelled from site


If you need to speak to us, we provide regular visible patrols around the festival. Alternatively, we are based at the multi-agency compound on site.

  • If the crime is in progress or there is a threat of immediate danger call 999
  • To report non emergencies call 101 or report online