Waaaassssss App…

Your favourite officers are launching a Glastonbury Police Whatsapp broadcast list for the very first time.

We won’t be sending your phone buzzing every five minutes… We know you need to save that battery!

So we’ll only message you if there’s something we think you need to know, or can help us with.

And we won’t share your details with anyone else – we’ll even delete them after the festival.

If you don’t already use WhatsApp, you can simply download it onto your smartphone for free from the internet.

Then add our WhatsApp number 07889656164 to your phone’s contact list and send us a WhatsApp message saying ADD ME. Simple as that!

Importantly, our Whatsapp list won’t be monitored 24/7 and you can’t report crime on Whatsapp. If you need to report something to us, you can visit the police compound (near the farm), call 101 (999 in emergencies), or talk to an officer on-site.

We hope you have a magical (and safe) Glastonbury 2016. Don’t forget to say hello and grab a #PoliceSelfie when you see us about 😎

You can Tweet and Instagram pics to us using @PoliceatGlasto – and follow us for news and pics from your favourite officers…

See you on the farm ✌