Hello… it’s me. I was wondering, if I get lost, where should we go to meet…

Getting lost at Glastonbury sucks, but with thousands of people in one small area, it is something we want you to be aware of.

Our advice is simple – if you are concerned for the welfare of a friend – grab the nearest officer and report it, come to the police compound or call us on 101.

If you get lost at Glastonbury, the same advice applies but it is also worth agreeing a rendezvous point with friends at the start of the festival. Pick a landmark where you all agree to meet should one of you get lost in the crowd.

If you feel the person may be at risk of immediate harm, always dial 999.

Illustration depicting a phone with an missing person concept.


What we ideally need to know about the missing person:

•Full name and date of birth for the missing person

•A physical description of the missing person, including what clothes and jewellery they were wearing (if known)

•A recent photograph of the missing person

•When they were last seen and by whom

•Where they had planned to go

•Provide a contact mobile number for the person

•Names, addresses and contact numbers of family members and their close friends

•Details of any prescription medication they take and whether they have this medication with them

•Information of any social networking sites that they might be a member of.

Social media is the best way to spread the word about a missing person and if you tweet about a missing pal, make sure you include us on @PoliceatGlasto and @ASPolice so we can push the appeal out to the whole festival. We would ask that we are your first point of contact so we can get involved from the outset.