Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is one of Europe’s biggest outdoor festivals of music and culture.

For a week in June we will be based in a compound at Worthy Farm making sure the event is safe for all festival goers.

We work closely with the festival organisers and the local authority to ensure you have a safe and crime-free festival.

As well as the uniformed PCs you will see strolling around the site, there are officers on horseback, officers with dogs, officers with pedal cycles and plain-clothed officers and the police helicopter hovering above the site.

Although we spend most of our time out and about on the site, there is a police base on the perimeter where officers start and finish their shift.

Planning for the festival is almost a year-round task but it starts in earnest in January. Police officers have already been told if they are working at Glastonbury Festival – and the days and shifts they are working.

As we get nearer the festival we’ll be telling you more about our plans, the latest news and how you can have a safe and enjoyable festival – so please come and visit the site again soon.